When do you visit Vallartour Bus?

  • Enjoy Tuesday to Sunday
  • Hours from 11am to 1am
  • The tour starts at the Malecon
  • The complete route lasts about 2 hours
  • Hop-on, Hop-of all day

Official Stops

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Vallartour Bus

Vallartour Bus offers you the opportunity to discover Puerto Vallarta in a different way

Explore its historic center, streets, beaches and landmarks with the best panoramic view, comfortable seating and air conditioning. It has audio equipment with information about the city in Spanish and English. In addition, the units have universal access for people with different capacities.

Puerto Vallarta is at the forefront with Vallartour Bus, at the height of major cities such as Paris, London, New York, Madrid, San Francisco and Mexico City.

The official tour to get to know Puerto Vallarta.