What are the Vallartour Bus units’ operating hours?
The first Vallartour Bus set off at 09:00 at “La Marina Vallarta” (next to the Ballerina Whale) from Monday to Sunday and the service concludes at 20:00 at the same bus stop. Buses leave every 45 minutes.

How long is the entire route?
The complete route lasts about 2 hours, depending on traffic and day of the week.

How frequently does the Vallartour Bus run?
The Vallartour Bus runs every 45 min. This frequency may be affected by traffic or other circumstances that the company could not control..

Where can I get on the Vallartour Bus?
You can get on the Vallartour Bus at any of our official stops. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can buy it on board.

How many times can I get on the Vallartour Bus?
Si, cada una de nuestras unidades cuenta con personal bilingüe a bordo, el cual te ayudará a resolver cualquier duda que tengas respecto al servicio de Vallartour Bus y además te podrá recomendar puntos de interés y/o actividades.

Is there anyone on board the Vallartour Bus who can provide information about the service?
Yes, all our buses have bilingual staff on board, which will support you on any doubt or question you may have and suggesting you interesting/fun spots and/or activities.

Is there any recommendation for riding the Vallartour Bus?
Vallartour Bus recommends you to wear comfortable clothes, sunglasses, a cap or hat, use sunscreen and stay well hydrated. For more information please check our Suggestions & Regulation section online.

Do the buses have audio guide?
Yes, all our buses have an automatic audio guide system in two languages: Spanish & English.

Do Vallartour buses have a space for a wheelchair?
Yes, all our buses have access ramps and spaces for wheelchairs inside.

Do Vallartour buses have a WC?
No, Vallartour buses do not have a WC inside.

I've lost my ticket. ¿What can I do?
It is only possible to travel with a valid ticket the one should be exchange for a bracelet when you ride the bus for the first time. It is mandatory to keep your bracelet during the whole day for hop on & hop off the buses. If you lose it or take it off, you won´t be able to hop on the bus again. It’s customer responsibility to ensure that the ticket has been given during the purchase, if not, claim personnel at that moment.

Can I travel with luggage?
Our buses do not have luggage compartments, so you can only travel with hand luggage that you can carry and which does not occupy any extra seats or block the aisles or emergency exits. Unfortunately, you cannot ride with large suitcases or packages.

Can I travel with a child’s pram?
You will need to travel on the lower deck, and if possible, the pram should be folded. It must go in the space set aside for wheelchairs, meaning the disabled have priority and you must move your pram if required.

Are there any specific safety rules when travelling on-board?
Yes, please check our Suggestions & Regulation section online.

Are animals accepted on-board?
No animals or pets are allowed on board.

Can I smoke on board?
No, it is prohibited to smoke anywhere on-board.